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We are a Peterlee based computer repair service covering Peterlee, Durham, Sunderland and Hartlepool. Our aims are to meet the needs of home users and home-based businesses that prefer not to disconnect and drag their computers into the shop for service. We bring the shop to you! Our commitment is to do more than simply service your computer - we want to be certain that you are completely satisfied and comfortable with your computer.
We do this by traveling to your house and taking care of the dirty work and techno Babble for you!. After providing an initial diagnosis and estimate, We then complete all needed upgrades or repairs right there onsite, ensuring that it works properly before we leave. In most cases, all work can be done in a single visit. All of this for a price that is competitive with what many of the "Larger Retail outlets" charge for carry-in service!.
Unlike many of our competitors, we concentrate our efforts exclusively on home and small office computer users such as yourself that require greater attention to detail and personalized service. We also do not maintain any retail stores, which allows us to keep our costs low in order to provide you with a competitive service.
Our friendly and qualified technicians will do everything in their power to make their visit to your Home or Office a positive experience. This means speaking in non-technical, easy-to-understand terms and explaining to you exactly what’s wrong (for repairs) and what your options and estimated costs are (for repairs/upgrades). So say goodbye to your computer hassles

email; gary@kcgcomputers.co.uk

Tel;   01916704357 or mobile 07929010728